noviembre 6, 2013

Day 1-Workshop#2 SDE2014

The Speed Peer Review was the first activity of the team in the second workshop of the comptetition, realized in la Cité de l’Architecture de Paris. Each team explained its project in a 5-minute presentation. This presentation was delivered to an audience comprised of approximately 300 peers between other team members and SDE organizers.

The team presented the project in an unconventional way, with a performance which involved all team members, for what it captured the attention of the attendants making it most acclaimed of the session.

Presentation video:

Later in the day four of the twenty teams made a short presentation of their projects to the french Minister of Housing, Cécile Duflot, they were introduced by the director of the event Pascal Roullet with a brief introduction of each project and model.

The day end with a cocktail and visit to the Centre Georges Pompidou in Beaubourg.