mayo 12, 2014

Visit of a Presidential Delegate for the Reconstruction of Valparaiso

The visit, led by Nina Hormazábal , Faculty Advisor of the Team FENIX, contemplated the exposure of the Casa FENIX, which will be exhibited at the International Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 on July in Versailles, France.

The purpose of the visit to Casa FENIX of the Presidential delegate, was to get local experiences within the reconstruction work. Casa FENIX is a prototype for an emergency shelter that can become into a permanent house. The project based on the topography and context of the ravines of the city of Valparaiso, includes the phases of the emergency, reconstruction and reurbanization.

«It is important to meet local initiatives in the universities, because there’s a serious work being done towards the reality of Valparaíso , which is a city unique in the country. Our universities must focus on the issue of prevention , because we are an area highly exposed to this kind of risk. Having FENIX project as is very important in order to have alternatives to address future emergencies , «said Andrés Silva, Presidential Delegate for Reconstruction of Valparaiso.

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