mayo 12, 2014

Several Important Visits to Casa FENIX Prototype in Valparaiso

After the inauguration of prototype in Valparaiso, the project has received several important visits from local and national organisms, given the importance of the project has taken on a possible solution to the reconstruction of Valparaiso after the Great Fire of April 12.

Monday, April 28th: Visit of the President of the Superior Council of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Sergio Solis and Mr. Pedro Durán, Commercial Attache in France, Fabien Gendron, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the ULR Gérard Schellenbaum, Faculty Advisor SDE-House FENIX France and Nina Hormazabal, Project director and Faculty Advisor SDE-House FENIX Chile.

Tuesday, May 6th: Visit the Presidential Delegate for the catastrophe of Valparaiso, Mr. Andres Silva

Wednesday, May 7th: Visit of representatives of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and Regional Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Region of Valparaíso

Thursday 8 May: Visit of foreign scientific teachers settled in Chile.