mayo 19, 2014

More relevant visits to the Prototype in Valparaiso

Casa FENIX is going big these lasts week, reaching governmental institutions and possible donators of  houses for the reconstruction after the Great Fire of Valparaiso, which are showing a greater interest in our project, as a sustainable way to do reconstruction after a catastrophe.

After our last update, these are the visit Casa FENIX prototype has hosted in Valparaiso.

Tuesday, May 13th:

Visit of Senator Antonio Horvath and a Senate delegation. With the presence of the Directors of the General Direction of Investigation and Postgraduate Studies, Patricio Vargas and Tomás Santibañez, Director of Civil Works, Rodrigo Delgadillo of the UTFM, Team FENIX, students and professors.

Wednesday, May 14th:

Meeting with Venergía, enterprise interested in donating all solar systems for one of the houses that will be built for the reconstruction in Valparaiso.

Invitation to the Team FENIX to exhibit the project in the committee for the reconstruction of the Senate chaired by Senator Antonio Horvath, and the presence of the senators of this committee and representatives of the UTFSM Tomas Santibañez, Rodrigo Delgadillo, Andrea Pino and Alejandra Brusco.

Friday, May 15th:

Meeting with our one of sponsors company, VOLCAN, which are interested in donating Casa FENIX houses for the reconstruction in Valparaiso.