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Today, the team received 18 Photovoltaic Modules. These Modules were bought with a significant discount thanks to ienergia, one of our Chilean sponsors.
These Photovoltaic Modules will be installed in the version of Casa FENIX that is being built in Chile.
We would like to thank our Sponsor for its generous contribution to the team Casa FENIX.

Today was a very important day for some of the members of the team, due to the presentation of the project Casa FENIX to an evaluation committee, who decided to evaluate the project with the highest score, which enabled them to become architects.
Congratulation from the entire team to the newly graduate architects!

Today, the team received a Single Phase Photovoltaic Inverter from one of our Chilean Sponsors. This electrical component was delivered by Bruno Eitel, Business Development Manager of the Chilean commercial agency.
This inverter will be used in the electrical system of the house that is being built in Chile, this way; it can be tested before being installed in the replica that will be built in La Rochelle.
We would like to thank our Sponsor for its generous donation to the team Casa FENIX.

In this activity the projects presentation from Workshop#2 was performed once more for the visit of Ségolène Royal (President of the region of Poitou-Charentes). The team and de faculties representatives like Gérard Shellenbaum (Responsible for Team Casa FENIX-France, UT Département Génie Civil – Université de La Rochelle).

In this occasion the regional council contributed with €110.000 for this project which will finance the assembly phase and transportation of Casa FENIX to Versailles.

It is worth mentioning that sponsors like CILC and others are all from the Poitou-Charentes region and committed to this binational project.

Ségolène Royal is French politician member of the Socialist Party. She is the president of the Regional Council of Poitou-Charentes, since April of 2004, and was representative of Deux-Sèvres, since June 1988. She was chosen as the official candidate of the Socialist Party for the French presidential elections from 2007.

Video from of the activity:

The last day was the teams turn to visit de future Cité du Soleil®. This is the place where all the houses will be build and where the decathletes will live for the period of time the competition lasts.
In addition to that, the decathletes had the opportunity to visit the Château de Versailles and its gardens.
Other official activity during this last day was the audiovisual interview to the Faculty Advisor and Project Manager of the Team.

A general assembly took place the second day of the workshop, in which several items of the competition and its organization were explained, as the Cite du Soleil® organization and competition quarters.

The location was the Palais des Congrès in Versailles In the afternoon the team met the specialists in private meetings to discuss and revise various aspects from the progress of the project in terms of communication, electricity and photovoltaics, health and safety and inspections during the construction among
All the models and posters were exhibited at the hall of the Palais des Congrès de Versailles.
The last activity that day was the “Decathletes Party” which took place in the ENSAV(École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles).

Picture gallery :

The Speed Peer Review was the first activity of the team in the second workshop of the comptetition, realized in la Cité de l’Architecture de Paris. Each team explained its project in a 5-minute presentation. This presentation was delivered to an audience comprised of approximately 300 peers between other team members and SDE organizers.

The team presented the project in an unconventional way, with a performance which involved all team members, for what it captured the attention of the attendants making it most acclaimed of the session.

Presentation video:

Later in the day four of the twenty teams made a short presentation of their projects to the french Minister of Housing, Cécile Duflot, they were introduced by the director of the event Pascal Roullet with a brief introduction of each project and model.

The day end with a cocktail and visit to the Centre Georges Pompidou in Beaubourg.

Puertas Abiertas is an instance where the different departments of Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria show their projects and activities to motivate people to enroll the university. Casa FENIX team participated in this activity using the Survival Module as a stand for the architecture department, seizing this opportunity to show the region of  Valparaiso the relevance of the project.

During the assembly of the module, the team received many donations and visits from the Chilean sponsors, such as VOLCAN (Construction materials provider), REHAU (Polymer Solutions), Schneider Electric (Distribution and Electrical Installation Systems) and SODIMAC (Distributor of building materials).

Today, the team received a donation of several construction materials from one of our Chilean Sponsors, VOLCAN, the donation includes thermal insulation and fiberboard enough to build two complete modules of Casa FENIX.
These materials will be used in the replica of the house that is being built in Chile.
We would like to thank our Sponsor for its generous donation to the team Casa FENIX.

Today, the team received a donation of three PVC Windows from one of our Chilean Sponsors, REHAU.
These windows will be used in the replica of the house that is being built in Chile.
We would like to thank our Sponsor for its generous donation to the team Casa FENIX.

Thanks to one of our Chilean sponsors, SODIMAC, we are able to acquire security items, tools and building materials at cost for the construction of the replica of Casa FENIX in Chile.
In this opportunity, the team obtained many things for a low price for the assembly of the Survival Module structure.

The Solar Decathlon Organization asked all the teams of the competition for an actualized Model of the house, with the purpose of exhibit them in the second Workshop, which will take place next November.
Casa FENIX Model was built in UTFSM by the architecture students of the team and then it was shipped to La Rochelle, where the Exhibition Box was built and then sent to Versailles. The accomplishment of this showed the excellent coordination between both parts of the team, French and Chilean.